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Gluten Free Thai Inspired Wings Recipe

Gluten Free Thai Inspired Wings

Gluten Free Thai Inspired Wings

I am a huge fan of chicken wings.  They are not exactly the most elegant or delicate type of dining, but they are fun and tasty for sure.  I am always looking out for new recipes.  When I was at a party for some sporting event recently, I had to get this appetizer recipe for these tasty wings to share with you.  Need some fun dinner ideas?  Serve this as your main dish along with a side salad!!  They have a little zip to them but trust me, they are not crazy hot.  So if you like crazy hot you can always add some red pepper flakes and a pinch of cayenne.  They are baked instead of fried so they are much better for you.  The ingredients are gluten free so they are good for people with Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten Intolerance, those on a gluten free diet, or just anybody who likes delicious chicken wings like I do!!

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Atelier Monnier French Bakery Macaron Product Review

Atelier Macarons

Atelier Macarons

What the heck is a Macaron????  I always thought that they were a delightful coconut treat.  Big news to me… that is not always the case.  I recently found out that they are a “meringue-like cookies” Well if it has cookie in the name, I stay clear of them.  Being Gluten Free means passing on a lot of treats that I would have loved to try in my past.  However, I recently was in Miami Florida on business and had a bit of a delay at the airport.  There was a beautiful pastry case of the colorful macaron cookies from a bakery called Atelier Monnier French Bakery.  I stopped momentarily and looked at them and with a little wishful sigh I continued past and went to get some nachos for lunch.  At lunch, I met a fantastic new gluten free friend who I got a great opportunity to know and share Celiac Disease / Gluten Sensitivity “war stories” with.  During this conversation, I found out that traditional French Macarons are made with almond flour and are gluten free.  As soon as lunch was over and my new buddy went onto his plane, I high-tailed it back over to that beautiful display case and inquired with the staff.  Indeed they are!!  Now, for safety reasons, I will, and I encourage you to do so as well, will always be asking about the ingredients … just to be sure!!   Because although the French macarons are gluten free, not all are.  So why risk it.  These are pricey little boogers but let me tell you, they were a true treat.  So light in texture and sweet in taste.   I couldn’t eat a ton of these but choosing one flavor seems impossible.   Even those this was just a case at the airport they had 12 different flavors!!   The selection of flavors was incredible; from chocolate, caramel, coffee, vanilla, pistachio, to flavors like guava, cassis and rose petal.  My personal favorite was the pistachio but the strawberry vanilla was a close second!!

The good news is that they have a website you can order them on.  The bad news is that they are not a Gluten Free facility but the ingredients are gluten free products.  I know this is a personal choice that we all have to make for ourselves, but if you are ok with gluten free ingredients from a non gluten free facility these are wonderful treats!!!  I highly recommend them.

Check out their website!!!


Say Cheese Gluten Free Cheese Crackers

Gluten Free Cheese Crackers

Gluten Free Cheese Crackers

I am a cheese fanatic.  Chester Cheetah has nothing on me!  I have even been called cheesy probably more than I would like to admit.   About the only thing involving cheese I am not into is when people say “Say Cheese” right before taking your photo… I HATE my picture to be taken!!  But if it involves covering something in some cheddar, provolone, munster, blue, swiss, monterey jack, or pretty much any kind of cheese… then that is just plain gouda.  ohhhhhh, ya I went there…  and maybe that is why i have been called cheesy…

Anyway, back to the important stuff.  A friend of mine was eating some cheez it baked crackers in front of me the other day.  I am usually not tortured by other people eating eating gluten filled food in front of me.  However, today, every single crunch those cheez its made were tough.  I started to think of the salty crunch and the cheesy flavors and I knew I was in trouble.  So a gluten free friend of mine shared this recipe with me and today I am passing on the goodness to you.  These are very rich and delicious.  However, in my rush to get them in my mouth, I didn’t roll mine out thin enough.  However, I have faith in you that you will take the time do it.  Enjoy the Cheddar crackers! I know I am!!

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Way Better Snack Product Giveaway! Simply So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips

Way Better Snacks Simply So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips

Way Better Snacks Simply So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips

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We are thrilled to announce one of several giveaways of Way Better Snack products!! If you are unfamiliar with these tortilla chips please check out our info packed article about them!! Here is your chance to win and try this tasty treat for yourself!! Everybody I know loves to eat chips, but these are just no ordinary chips!! These are Way Better Snack’s Simply So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips. They burst with favor and crunch with a hint of heat. What makes them even more fun to eat is that Way Better Snacks are not only Certified Gluten Free, they are Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Whole Grains Council, Certified Kosher and many of their ingredients are Certified Organic!! If you are the lucky winner of this exciting giveaway I have a feeling you will be a fan of Way Better Snacks for life!! Click on our rafflecopter link below and enter to win!! Good Luck and Good Health!!

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Gluten Free Better than …. Cake Recipe

Gluten Free Better Than... Cake

Gluten Free Better Than… Cake

Years ago, I had this cake at a potluck at work. And when I say years ago… I mean YEARS and YEARS ago. This cake recipe has been around for a long time. I have always had an “issue” with calling this cake by the name of Better than Sex Cake. Oh sure the name is salacious and normally that works for me.. but this time we are just talking about a cake. Just a cake… Calling it Better than Sex Cake in todays working environment, it seems a little risky. I can not imagine calling this cake by that name to a kid, not to mention bringing this cake to church pot luck and calling it that… AWKWARD!! In addition, this is an incredible cake, but isn’t that name a matter of perspective and opinion? So I like to call this recipe “Gluten Free Better than …. Cake” It allows you to fill in the blank. This is the Gluten Free version of the cake I have been enjoying for years. As we all know gluten free items do not necessarily behave like their gluten free counterparts. So that means this is almost like a public service to all Gluten Free people out there… this cake translates wonderfully!!
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