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Gluten Free Turkey and Green Chili Enchiladas in a Creamy Chili Sauce Recipe

Gluten Free Turkey and Green Chili Enchiladas in a Creamy Chili Sauce

Gluten Free Turkey and Green Chili Enchiladas in a Creamy Chili Sauce

I woke up this morning craving Mexican food.  The only problem is that I have a refrigerator full of turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving!!  I don’t make a turkey just everyday and I would hate to waste such a great bird.  So I needed to find a way to collaborate my two desires.   And that is how the Turkey Enchilada Recipe was created.

I am a fan of creamy enchiladas but really wanted to spice it up a bit.  So this zesty cream sauce hits the spot.  Now I just have to find a way to take my leftover gluten free stuffing and make it into a Mexican side dish.    Well that didn’t work out so great but hey I have a tray of yummy enchiladas!!

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Gluten Free Turkey Chili Recipe

Gluten Free Turkey Chili

Gluten Free Turkey Chili

When we think of turkey we think of the traditional turkey dinner.  And we Americans loves us some Thanksgiving dinner.  I recently read that there are 51 million turkeys consumed on Thanksgiving.  The U.S. spends about $2,375,000,000.  Wowzers!!  Now because the average meal only cost $49.00, I encourage people to buy two turkeys and cook them both so that you have a lot of leftover meat!!  Of course, I know NOBODY who only spends 49.00 on their meal and I wonder who came up with that crazy number.  I think that is less than what I spend on the wine for dinner!!

Well after my traditional Thanksgiving meal, the next day I so look forward to Thanksgiving Day leftovers!!  However, by the third day  I am ready for something different….  this is where Gluten Free Turkey Chili comes into play.

The bold and zesty flavors of this chili will knock your socks off.  It’s not insanely Ghost pepper hot or anything, although you are welcome to spice it up that way if you like.  This chili gives a great flavor while making your forget that it’s made from your leftover turkey!!  I love to make this with some sweet cornbread… in fact click HERE for my favorite gluten free cornbread recipe.

This is going to be a new family favorite around your house… I know it is around ours!!

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Gluten Free Turkey, Bacon and Mushroom Pasta Recipe 

Gluten Free Turkey, Bacon and Mushroom Pasta

Gluten Free Turkey, Bacon and Mushroom Pasta

Let’s talk some turkey!!  Do you need a new recipe for your leftover turkey??  Well this one is going to be a crowd pleaser to whomever likes creamy pasta dishes!!  Once everything is prepped, like making and chopping the bacon this is a quick meal.  Or if you purchase the bacon already cooked and the mushrooms already sliced this is a dinner that can be put on the table very quick!

I love serving this with some garlic bread made out of Schar Baguettes!! OH YUM!

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Tis The Season To Do Our Shopping!!

Tis The Season To Do Our Shopping

Tis The Season To Do Our Shopping!!

Tis The Season To Do Our Shopping!!

I have always enjoyed cooking and baking.  However, I truly believe that being gluten free means that we are all in the kitchen more than the “average” person.  Let’s face it, the dining selections leave a lot to be desired… and FEARED!!

Now I admit, I have a passion for cooking and baking and it might be more than the average person’s.  With that being said I truly feel that I can not be the only one out there who feels this way.  This is the posting for the loved ones of the gluten free foodies out there or the people who are foodies, gluten free or not.

The holiday season is fast approaching us and you might not know what to get your foodie.

Disclaimer:  if your loved one is not a foodie or doesn’t do a lot of gluten free cooking this list may not be the safest list to work off of.  If you have ANY doubt then also buy another more sentimental gift to go along with your gift from the foodie gift list.   You may NOT hold me personally responsible if you bought someone a kitchen item based off of these recommendations.  Just because you heard it hear does not mean that every foodie in your life will accept an appliance just because they bring me joy and help with my gluten free cooking.  Just remember… jewelry  and VISA gift cards are usually a safe gift

I WILL help anybody out whose loved one is not good at gift giving and needs some help.  I will personally send emails to help you out whether or not the item appears on my list.  This is by no means a guarantee that you will get said item, but I am the kind of gal who loves to help out the readers of this blog!!

Connect Gluten Free’s 2014 Holiday Shopping  Idea List

Stand Mixers!!  I have always been a fan of the Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  Yes, they are a time honored item loved by many.  However, yesterday at Costco I saw a stand mixer that could woo me away.  Bosch and Costco came together and offered the stand mixer but it also had the attachments that made the stand mixer a FOOD PROCESSOR TOO!!  So one appliance that does the work of two!!  Holy smokes!!  Anyway, stand mixers in general… you can purchase a great amount attachments that can turn your mixer into other handy items like meat grinders and pasta machines.  Overall, stand mixers are awesome and lots of wonderful creations start in a stand mixer.  Sure they are costly but remember, they are the kind of item that can be passed down to others when you retire your oven mitts.

Immersion Blenders!!  I recently did a blog about it.  Click HERE to read some details of my experience with the Cuisinart immersion blender that I purchased.  These are handy for anybody who loves mashed potatoes or soup.  Personally I am a soup fanatic and can not imagine my kitchen without one because they come in handy and save time.  I also saw a nice Kitchen Aid mixer at Costco that was REALLY  a great price!! It was very similar to the one I purchased from Cuisinart for about 20 bucks less!!

Panini Press!!  Now I do not have one of these yet but anybody who has eaten gluten free bread knows that at times they need to be toasted to be enjoyed.  So I can imagine that making a sandwich with a panini press would be even better than just a plain sandwich on gluten free bread.

Pasta Maker!!  I do not own this one either.  I know there is a lot of great gluten free pasta out on the market BUT I have to think that homemade pasta would not only be fun to make with the family but a true culinary treat.  Granted, I am sure that if you are wanting to whip up a quick mid week meal this is not what you are going to want to do BUT sometimes it’s fun to have a nice meal that everybody can enjoy making together.  There are great pasta makers out there from motorized ones you hook up to your Kitchen Aid stand mixer or ones you crank by hand.  Sounds like a BLAST!!

Food Magazine Subscriptions!!  There are some fabulous gluten free magazines out there that maybe someone wouldn’t subscribe for themselves.  But to receive as a gift would be great.  It’s a gift that gives all year long.  Plus don’t limit yourself to just gluten free magazines a lot of food magazines are doing a lot more gluten free recipes AND you can always take a recipe that is not gluten free and turn it into a gluten free recipe!!  Months of fun!!

Knives!!   Not the throwing kind you see magician using but equally or maybe even more so impressive.  I have seen many professional chefs say that it all starts with the high quality knife.  Well maybe your foodie would love a new set of high quality knives but don’t want to splurge on themselves.  Well here is a chance to cut in front of others with a fantastic gift.  Cut in front of others… get it.  hahahahaha ..  oh maybe just a chuckle.

Food Processors!!  Food Processors can do all kinds of kitchen magic.  Buying your foodie one could be a big hit.  There are a lot of things to keep in mind like the various sizes and capabilities but with a little research and some active listening skills this could be a major home run.

Freezers.  Now I am not talking about the ones that are large enough to hold a dead body in your garage, but if that is what you want I won’t stop you.. .cause I fear you! Or maybe just a bit too much watching of Dexter. But anyway… buying in bulk can really help out the gluten free budget a lot and purchasing proteins and gluten free products when they are on sale can be great.  However, sometimes they fill your freezer space quickly so many gluten free foodies would enjoy a small freezer for the garage to store some of their super market, and now days internet, deals.

Crock pots.  Most foodies have these but just like everything else they come out with new bells and whistles all time time.  Or maybe you know a new gluten free foodie who is just getting into the cooking at home thing.  Well I love mine, in fact I own several in different sizes for different meals.  They are great time savers and really help with family dinners.

Bread Machines.  Now talk to your foodie… do they make bread in a bread machine  or any desire to do so?  It’s one of those things people either really enjoy or really don’t.  There are a lot of machines out there that have gluten free settings.  Now I am told that you don’t HAVE to have one with a gluten free setting but if you are buying one do some research and check it out  I must admit, even I am curious about the gluten free settings and if it makes a difference in the bread.  So talk to you food expert friends and do the research cause this could be a huge hit… cause you need to keep in mind … a gluten free foodie is ALWAYS more obsessed with bread than the average person… because the average person can run up to even a convenience store and buy a loaf of bread for a few bucks… GF foodies can’t.  Because of this I have never met a Celiac or gluten free person who did not dream of fresh hot bread!!

“Of the month” gifts.  Whether your foodie loves meats, fruits, nuts, wines… thanks to the Internet there is a huge selection of items you can purchase to be delivered every month.   They will get to enjoy your gift year round!

New Pots and Pans.  Sometimes we cook on pans we shouldn’t.  Maybe the are scratched but “we will get around to buying new ones” someday. Well here is your chance.  Maybe your foodie keeps putting it off and here is your chance to not only help them out but upgrade them to something that they would not purchase for themselves.

Costco Gift Cards!!  Did you know that you do not need to have a Costco Membership??  If you purchase or if someone purchases a gift card for you to Costco that they will let you come in and shop without paying the Costco annual fee?  What a deal!!

Amazon Gift Cards!!  Maybe your foodie is more of an independent spirit and wants to select their own foodie gifts.  Maybe your foodie wants to actually purchase gluten free foods from Amazon.  Or just maybe your foodie isn’t as much of a foodie as you thought and they would rather pick out something else.  Amazon is a fantastic place to shop for foodie and non-foodie gifts …. then it is brought right to the door.  Gotta love that!!

Amazon Prime Membership!!  Not only will offer the gift receiver free shipping on MANY items it also gives you the option of streaming TV shows.  Handsome Hubby and I use it ALLLLLLLLLLL the time!! I am not usually one to purchase memberships like this but even I have to admit, its a great deal and very cost effective!!

Please keep in mind that the links below are for you to help you start your research.  It is important to check the sale ads and see what kind of good deal you can get on the product that best suits the needs of your foodie.  Keep in mind that companies like Costco might be carrying the item for the holidays only and so you might want to start your search soon.  Also they might offer you additional items along with the purchase that is only available there!!

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Easy Gluten Free Taco Salad Recipe 

Gluten Free Taco Salad

Gluten Free Taco Salad

Back in the 80’s the Taco Salad was “THE THING.”  Everywhere you looked there were taco salads.  These days, not so much.  But why not??  I am guilty of forgetting our ole friend.  Handsome Hubby suggested it for dinner one night a few weeks ago… and now I am hooked!!  WOW!!  Please forgive me ole friend for forgetting you…

I am not making culinary history with this recipe, i know that!!  But I am just reminding you of a recipe that has been forgotten and needs to swing on by to make your dinner time a little easier!!  This recipe is great for those busy nights that dinner seems overwhelming.  When someone ask you “what’s for dinner?” Whip out this ole faithful and you will be enjoying a nice easy dinner.

Now I know that iceberg lettuce is the “uncool” lettuce and the vitamin levels are nothing compared to other options but for some reason, when I think of a Taco Salad iceberg comes to mind.  Of course, you can use any type of lettuce that you want, romaine, spinach, or even cabbage… basically whatever floats your boat!!

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