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Gluten Free Product Review – Schar Chocolate Dipped Cookies 

Gluten Free Product Review - Schar Chocolate Dipped Cookies 

Gluten Free Product Review – Schar Chocolate Dipped Cookies

If you are not familiar with Schar products I would be shocked cause they have been around in the gluten free world for a long time.  They are not a U.S. company, however, they now have a facility in New Jersey.  This is great news because this means the selection will just getting better and better.

I found these cookies at a local grocer and I was eager to try them.  I am a huge fan of European cookies and “biscuits” … of course their biscuits are not the same as ours, they mean less sweet cookies.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love American style cookies but I do enjoy the European style as well.  These remind me of those types… they are not crazy sweet but they are still VERY good.

Gluten Free Product Review - Schar Chocolate Dipped Cookies 

Gluten Free Product Review – Schar Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Now just because I really enjoyed these cookies… that does not mean I didn’t have a moment of pure genius… So I stopped myself from eating the whole box of cookies, which is harder to do than you would think, cause they are pretty tasty.  So the last few cookies in the pack… I melted some caramel, dipped the cookies side into that, topped it with some coconut and drizzled some melted milk chocolate chips on it… it was an attempt to recreate the Girl Scout Samoa Cookies.  It is really important to use milk chocolate chips cause the rest of the cookies are not overly sweet and it needs it… but talk about tasty!!  Yum!!


I was NOT provided with product or financial support for this product review.  The opinions stated here are simply my own.

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Gluten Free French Dip Panini with Quick “Au Jus” Recipe 

Gluten Free French Dip Panini with Quick “Au Jus” Recipe 

Gluten Free French Dip Panini with Quick “Au Jus” Recipe 

Okay… so technically This recipe is not for REAL Au Jus.  That, by definition means “it’s own juice” But if you want a quick version this is going to be a tasty option.

I used to love French dip sandwiches but really haven’t had one since I have been gluten free.  My Celiac diagnosis has kind of put the hammer down on that one.  BUT this morning I was craving it so I must make it happen!!

No French dip is complete without the Au Jus but I just don’t have the time to do that ..  Thankfully Massel puts out some awesome bouillon that makes it easy to create a tasty copy.  I order mine on Amazon using Prime so that  I can get free shipping!!

I made this French dip on the panini maker and I got to say.. One dip and One bite and it was like I was back in time.  Not for one second did I feel like I was not eating what everybody else was eating.
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Gluten Free On a Shoestring’s Butter Cake Recipe

Gluten Free On a Shoestring’s Butter Cake Recipe

Gluten Free On a Shoestring’s Butter Cake Recipe

If you are unfamiliar with Gluten Free on a Shoestring you need to get familiar… FAST.  She has some amazing post and books.

In fact, I own at least for our her books and I can look through them endlessly!!

Ironically, as much as I love her books… I have never made a single one of her recipes.  Well that was until now…

A few weeks ago Handsome Hubby sent me a link to one of her recipes.  (Click HERE for original recipe).  Or maybe I should say… his sweet tooth sent me the link.  I have never had butter cake but one look at her photos and I knew that this was going to be a special treat I was going to make for him.

I read her blog post from 2014 and found out that she based this recipe from California Pizza Kitchen’s butter cake.  I had never had that… and I learned that she too had never had it either.  But she worked and worked and worked and finally came up with this recipe.

Now, since I have never had it, I can not tell you how close it is to CPK’s dessert… but I can tell you that regardless if you have ever had it or not, you are probably going to like this.  In fact, one bite and Handsome Hubby and I looked up at each other and said… “Oh ya that’s GOOD!”

I only had five mini springform pans and this recipe called for six… so what did I do… I made them each just a tad larger and watched them carefully in the oven.  Mine are nowhere as pretty as GF on a Shoestring’s… but I have always been honest with you about I am not a professional, I am just a home cook who misses the gluten from her foods.

Please check out Gluten Free on a Shoestring….

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Gluten Free Zucchini Lasagna Recipe 

Gluten Free Zucchini Lasagna Recipe

Gluten Free Zucchini Lasagna Recipe

I am so excited about a family trip we have planned this summer!!

As some readers may remember Handsome Hubby and I purchased a used RV motorhome last year.  This year we are meeting his parents in New Mexico.  We will be staying in an RV park that also has cabins.  They rented a cabin and are driving out to meet us there.

One of the MANY benefits of having an RV to vacation in is that I can make gluten free meals and not be at the mercy of unknowledgeable restaurants, possibly jeopardizing our vacation if were to get get sick for a gluten exposure.

While we are there I thought it would be great fun to make dinner for my AMAZING and INCREDIBLE In-Laws.  Now my Handsome Hubby has been watching his carb intake and is trying to cut down, which anybody knows on a gluten free diet, is challenging because everything is made from rice or potato and many meals revolve around rice and potato.  In addition, my father-in-law is especially cautious around carbs because he is diabetic.  Which means that many of my potato laden meals are not going to work into his meal plans….

Then a friend of mine told me that she has replaced many of her pasta dishes with zucchini pasta spirals.  That got me thinking… why not replace the lasagna noodles with the zucchini slices.

Well, I am very pleased to say that during the test run of this possible dinner for our New Mexico trip with my In-Laws…. that Handsome Hubby loved it.  I mean he really loved it.

As a few readers may remember, I am not a fan of spaghetti, in fact I really don’t like it… and he is not fan of lasagna… but after we ate this for dinner he asked me if we could have it tomorrow night… WHAT??!!??  My Handsome Hubby does not like lasagna but he just asked me for leftovers?  WOW!!  That is when I knew I had a hit on my hands.  Of course, I enjoyed it as well… with layers of meat and cheese how could I go wrong…

By the way… I wanted to let you guys know that I made the sauce the night before, because Handsome Hubby was craving spaghetti (which is an opportunity for me to make a fillet of salmon for myself since I really really don’t like spaghetti).  I made extra sauce so that he could have a spaghetti night and then use the remaining sauce the next night for this zucchini lasagna….

So with the sauce pre-made, I also took advantage of the cooler morning temps and grilled my zucchini slices early in the morning before the Arizona sun got too crazy hot.  I really feel that it made this really easy to make.  I would highly suggest doing this so that you can just “toss” together your layers and bake.  But just remember that your zucchini will retain its moisture even after grilling so do not skip the step of letting your zucchini rest on paper towels to remove that extra moisture!!

Well, as for our New Mexico RV trip… I am confident my In-Laws are going to enjoy this as much as Handsome Hubby and I did!!

Drop the meat from the sauce and you have a wonderful veggie dish for those looking for vegetarian lasagna.

Now, like any scheduled vacation, I am just left counting the days till we see them!!  SO VERY EXCITED!!
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Cloud Bread Pizzas

Cloud Bread Pizzas

Cloud Bread Pizzas

Today is not a “recipe” per say… more of a idea sharing.

We made personal pizzas using cloud bread for the pizza crust.

Was it going to rock your world????

Probably not..



It’s actually pretty good.  Was it the best pizza crust you have ever had??  Not really.

However, it was better than many gluten free pizza crusts that I have had.

I liked it a lot more than the cauliflower pizza crust I have seen all over the Internet!!

It was a great option for Handsome Hubby who is trying to keep an eye on his carb intake.

Will we make it again… absolutely!!

Click HERE for Sour Cream Cloud Bread Recipe
Click HERE for Cream Cheese Cloud Bread Recipe

This recipe is a good recipe for people with Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten intolerance or on a gluten free diet because none of the ingredients contain gluten.

I was NOT provided with product or financial support for this recipe.  The opinions stated here are simply my own