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Connect Gluten Free Celebrates 2 Years!!

Connect Gluten Free Celebrates 2 Years!!

Connect Gluten Free Celebrates 2 Years!!

Today, connectglutenfree.com celebrates two years!!  I am stunned to say it but I can’t tell you how much it thrills me to say it.  I wanted to thank Handsome Hubby.  He is truly the only reason this website ever started and has been able to continue.  Not only has he eaten more than his fare share of disastrous recipe experiments but he does a lot of the behind the scenes / IT stuff.

Most importantly…. I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everybody reading this!!  No matter how many postings we put up, no matter how many tweets we send, if you were not reading this then there would be nothing.  You reading this is truly the reason we continue.  The wonderful emails, post, tweets, re-posts, and letters we have received bring tears of happiness to my eyes, (except that really nasty one that made me cry for other reasons, but I digress).  We have posted well over 500 posts and have had readers in 125 of the 193 countries on this planet… thanks to the beautiful and encouraging responses from the world wide readers. We are looking forward to many more to come!!

I am ecstatic to let you in on our little secret.  2016 is the year that we have decided to work on our first cookbook.  The exact subject matter is still top secret BUT I can assure you it will have many tasty gluten free recipes!!

Thank you so much for your continued support!!

Food Processor Use and Care Infographic

A food processor is a great addition to any kitchen.  I use mine ALL the time!!  When used correctly, they can reduce the time and effort with food preparation. Occasionally, kitchen and other household appliances and tools may need some repair or simply a replacement part for those parts that degrade with use.

I found this post useful and wanted to share the article with my readers and put in a plug for the article sponsor, ereplacementparts.com. We are not receiving any financial compensation for this recommendation. The recommendation is given simply based on a personal experience with the company.

Handsome Hubby needed to repair hedge trimmer earlier this year and needed some parts. After researching a source for parts, He settled on ordering the parts from ereplacementparts.com. The order was promptly processed and a shipment tracking number was provided. Well, on the day of delivery, Handsome Hubby was notified that the parts were delivered but discovered the USPS did not deliver the package in our mailbox. My husband contacted the ereplacementparts.com representative to notify them that through no fault of their own, the USPS had not delivered the package. Immediately, the representative arranged to have the parts re-shipped. This seriously demonstrated outstanding customer service on their behalf, despite the fact that they were not responsible for the USPS failure. Based on this experience, ereplacementparts.com will come to mind first for any future parts needed for any other repairs around our home!!


Source: eReplacementParts.com

Vacation the Gluten Free Way….

Vacation the Gluten Free Way

Vacation the Gluten Free Way

Vacation the Gluten Free Way.. Handsome Hubby and I

Vacation the Gluten Free Way.. Handsome Hubby and I

Well I have been a little silent the past week… I missed being here with you all but I must admit, we took a much needed vacation.  The past year and a half with y’all has been awesome but we decided to get away for a few days… with no computers.

I don’t know about you but traveling gluten free can be a bit on the stressful side.  Eating out in general is a gamble, but to have to gamble for all meals can be like walking a thin tightrope wire.  One little slip on your part or a random employee at the restaurant’s part could mean the trip is ruined.  With this in mind, Handsome Hubby and I had been long dreaming of purchasing a used RV, even before we were married.   What a wonderful way to explore this beautiful country and yet eat with peace and mind in gluten free safety.

Well we finally did it.   We made our dream into a reality.  We took our motorhome out for our first vacation.  Since we are complete novices at this we decided to stay kind of close to home and drove South from Phoenix to Tucson Arizona.   Even though Tucson is South of Phoenix, and closer to the equator, it is a higher elevation and tends to be a bit cooler and get much more beautiful monsoon storms.  So I was eager to get even a few degrees relief from the insanity of the Phoenix heat!!

RV or Motorhome cooking takes a lot of planning, especially if you are gluten free.  However, a lot of the typical meals are pretty easy to make gluten free.  Being a holiday weekend I saw so many people enjoying BBQ favorites like grilling steak, burgers, and chicken.  GF friendly sides were to be seen everywhere like coleslaws and potato salads.  GF friendly deserts like ice creams, puddings and popsicles were to be had at many campsites!  So in some ways it was pretty easy to enjoy a gluten free vacation.

Breakfast and lunches were pretty easily translated from GF kitchen to GF RV as well.  One of the many gluten free benefits to having a motorhome is the fact that I have a full kitchen, much MUCH smaller but still a working kitchen.   In the morning breakfast was usually vacation favorites like full traditional breakfast, but this time I didn’t have the cross contamination fears that I would have eating at a breakfast joint… We enjoyed eggs almost every morning with tasty sides like hash or hash browns along with our favorite gluten free sausages.  Actually sausage is something I never eat out in public because of the myriad of possible ingredients, and the hassle in finding out of it is safe, so having sausage with breakfast on vacation was a total treat.  One morning we even enjoyed some more simple and yet yummy favorites like Chex cereal.  Lunches were nice refreshing salads, gluten free sandwiches,  leftovers from the previous nights dinner, and sometimes just popcorn!!  From a hearty complex meal to simple meals and snacks… having my gluten free kitchen available to me was AWESOME!!

I have never felt safer eating on vacation as I did this time.  Now I know that there are people out there who says… HEY MJ… you spent your entire vacation cooking.  So before you bombard me with those emails please let me say considering this… yes, I did cook, but cooking is my passion and I enjoy it.  Secondly, Handsome Hubby would have helped me out and taken a few meals for me if I had wanted to pass the torch, so asking for help and getting help from a knowledgable cook is always an option.  Thirdly, some preparation before leaving on vacation made the on the road meals quicker to prepare. Finally, I might have been cooking but that means I knew I was safe, I wasn’t gambling three times a day or more that I could eat out without ruining the remaining vacation time I had.  I was basically assured that cooking means more time with my family / loved ones and no time sick cursing the gluten in foods.  Totally worth it.

So now that we have made the investment into my new vacation home / mobile gluten free kitchen we are going to be going out more often.  However, I missed writing and sharing with you all so much I am going to try and keep you posted from the road.  In fact, I am looking forward to sharing my meals and recipes for others out being adventurous and gluten free!!

Gluten Free BOOK Review – The Gluten Free Cheat Sheet by April Peveteaux 

Gluten Free BOOK Review - The Gluten Free Cheat Sheet by April Peveteaux 

Gluten Free BOOK Review – The Gluten Free Cheat Sheet by April Peveteaux

Over 6 Years ago when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease I was clueless.  I desperately had no idea where to turn.  My friend Google helped me out a lot but there is a lot of information to digest in a short period of time and determining what are the first steps for becoming gluten free can be overwhelming.  I wished that  April Peveteaux’ latest book, The Gluten Free Cheat Sheet was available back then.  It truly is an outstanding book!!  I was hooked within the first couple of pages.

Although it’s ultimately a guide in helping a person who needs/wants to be gluten free, this is a valuable book for anybody who is gluten free.  I found that April’s style of writing is warm, friendly, and supportive.  At times I felt that she was a girlfriend of mine and we were just talking about the struggles and other things that we go through on a daily basis maneuvering this world gluten free.   We also all have those moments when we are wishing we had someone to share our struggles with and reading this book made me feel like… I am not alone and someone has had to deal with the same things I have had to deal with.  It was incredibly encouraging.

She provides tons of incredible tasty recipes!!  I must admit, when it comes to cookbooks I have always preferred photos… however for the first time I have to say… I didn’t care that there were none.  April has a gift for description and I felt like I had an image in my mind and so the lack of photos was absolutely fine with me.

I will admit, this is normally a book I would have steered clear from simply because I have been gluten free for some years now…. DON’T make that mistake.  I will admit, when people ask me the details of gluten free life and the scientific side of gluten, I struggle with how to put it in a way that isn’t off putting.  April does not have that struggle, she explains it in a way that makes it completely easy to understand what it is and why we need to be.  If you are newly gluten free this is a must read… if you are a friend or loved one of a gluten free person, this is a must read, if you are gluten free this is a must read.  I wish I could express how much I enjoyed this book… maybe the fact that I couldn’t  put it down was the best indication of my enjoyment.   This is a fantastic book that I would say needs to be on your reading list.  She is fun, funny, and written a fabulous cook, this author truly has a gift for writing.  Trust me, within this book, even the most seasoned gluten free eater will find valuable info, recipes, and gluten free camaraderie.

You must try a few of her recipes while you are at it!! Whether you’re gluten free, gluten and dairy free, or even a gluten free vegetarian, there are recipes in here for you.

Check out April Peveteaux on Social Media and follow her like or follow her  I did!!

Blog:  https://glutenismybitch.wordpress.com/2015/06/25/the-gluten-free-cheat-sheet-is-so-totally-here/
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gluten-Is-My-Bitch/186201274756358
Twitter:    https://twitter.com/peveteaux


List Price: $14.95
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Price Disclaimer

This product is a good product for people with Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten intolerance or on a gluten free diet.  Also good for Dairy Free and even vegetarian gluten free.

I was provided with product but not financial support for this product review.  However, the product given was for the purpose of review but the opinions are strictly my own and have no sway on the review.   Authors are notified prior to sending book of review policies.    The opinions stated here are simply my own


2015 Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo – Phoenix Arizona

2015 Gluten Free  Free Expo - Phoenix AZ

2015 Gluten Free Free Expo – Phoenix AZ

2015 Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo – Phoenix Arizona

Let me ask you this…  Where have you ever gone that you could eat EVERY SINGLE THING that was being given out as a sample?  Every sample is at least gluten free.  Many samples are free from other allergens… AND every booth is marked on what allergen is  or isn’t in their products.
click here for details and photos…