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Gluten Free Tuna Cakes with Creamy Dill Sauce Recipe

Gluten Free Tuna Cakes with Creamy Dill Sauce Recipe

Gluten Free Tuna Cakes with Creamy Dill Sauce Recipe

Handsome Hubby has to travel internationally for work several times a year.  When he is gone I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  It really helps to make time go by faster until he is home.  It is also a fantastic time to get the kinks worked out of recipes and even try recipes I have seen on the Internet without having to worry about hubby’s dinner being ruined if it doesn’t come out.

That is exactly what happened during his last trip…  I thought I would try a vegetarian meatloaf.  Now anybody who reads this blog knows, I am about as far from a vegetarian as it gets.  However, I liked the idea of trying a new recipe for this “meat-less” Monday phenomenon I am seeing all over the Internet.  This particular day I learned a valuable lesson… always have gluten free cereal in your pantry.  I worked on this meatloaf and when it came out of the oven it smelled great!  But… after trying to “cut” it, and I use that term loosely, I knew I was going to need a dinner alternative.  So Pebbles cereal it was!!

Everybody has kitchen disasters and I am grateful that this particular one was unwitnessed by anybody but me and the pets.

The next day I started to work on this Gluten Free Tuna Cakes recipe and now I finally think it’s ready to share!!  Thankfully not all of my recipe developments in the kitchen are a total disaster like the vegetarian meatloaf… but maybe that is just it… I need to stick to actual meat.
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Gluten Free Cajun Shrimp Spinach Salad Recipe 

Gluten Free Cajun Shrimp Spinach Salad Recipe 

Gluten Free Cajun Shrimp Spinach Salad Recipe

Frequent readers already know… I get ridiculously happy about leftovers.

Each time I find leftovers in my fridge it is like I am on my own person episode of Food Network’s Chopped.  How can I take that leftover and make something fresh out of it.

One thing I have never shared with readers regarding leftovers… I do not enjoy leftover shrimp.

I always feel that during the re-heating process they get tough and rubbery.  YUCK!!

Well, today I can say is the first time I am my usual excited self about having leftover shrimp!!

This morning when I was in the fridge to get my coffee creamer I saw that shrimp staring at me… taunting me.  I have tried to use leftover shrimp in the past and yet it always felt like a fail.  A great big rubbery fail.  This morning shrimp taunting was just bugging me… the entire time I drank my coffee I was frustrated because I hate-hate-hate to throw out food and yet that is what tends to happen with leftover shrimp.  This particular taunt was coming from leftover Cajun Shrimp (get recipe HERE), which makes it extra challenging because that is a strong flavor profile and puts quite a few limits on how to create a new meal.

Then it hit me!!  I still have some of that Cilantro Lime Dressing in the fridge as well.  (Click HERE for that tasty recipe)

So when lunchtime came around I was a woman with a plan…

I made a Cajun Shrimp Spinach Salad… and it ROCKED!!

Not only was it incredibly delicious it was vindication for all those times I have tried to use leftover shrimp and failed.

This salad was so good that I might make extra cajun shrimp next time just so that I can make sure to have leftovers for this salad recipe!!

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Gluten Free Cajun Shrimp Recipe 

Gluten Free Cajun Shrimp Recipe 

Gluten Free Cajun Shrimp Recipe

I get quite a few requests for spicier recipes.  Today, this recipe is for all of you!!  I myself am not a spice lover but I am sure married to one… so he is grateful for the request, so please keep them coming!!

What’s great about this recipe is… this recipe could be an appetizer if you serve them with those adorable frilly toothpicks.

This can also be a main dish… just serve it over some rice or pasta and BAM… dinner.

This can be a tasty side dish… because if you enjoy a good surf and turf like I do… this will will be a fantastic surf to your favorite turf.

No matter how you serve it… it’s bound to be a hit with the spice lovers in your life!!
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Gluten Free Shrimp Pasta Dinner II Recipe 

Gluten Free Shrimp Pasta Dinner Recipe 

Gluten Free Shrimp Pasta Dinner Recipe

Handsome Hubby has to travel internationally for work frequently.  It’s always a huge bummer when he leaves and it makes me an emotional wreck.  When he gets home I get so excited!!

Whenever he goes to Finland he visits frequently one particular restaurant that he enjoys, Benjam’s Bistro, http://www.yelp.com/biz/benjams-bistro-helsinki?utm_source=ishare. He goes on and on about the light pasta sauce that covers the spaghetti noodles and shrimp.

When he  travels he does not eat gluten free because I am not the one cooking his meals but he talked about this one particular pasta dish so often I was eager to try and recreated it gluten free at home.  It has taken me months of attempts to recreated this dish but I finally got close enough to post the recipe… so excited.  Hubby loved it and I did too.  Please note that for me to like a pasta dish with a red sauce is a big thing cause that is not one of my favorites… in fact, I do not even enjoy eating spaghetti.  Now I make spaghetti frequently for him but on those nights I make myself salmon because spaghetti is one of his favorites that I do not enjoy and salmon is one of my favorites that he does not enjoy… so for me to say I liked this dish is pretty shocking!!

Now the particular pasta I used for this recipe is not easy to find but I can assure you that the few boxes I have left will be used for this recipe because we enjoyed it that much.  Of course that will also mean I need to get working on finding a new supply of it.

However, the ingredients of the sauce are much easier.  I order my Massel bouillon cubes in bulk on Amazon and I just love having it handy!!  Other than that all the ingredients are readily available.

This sauce can be blended and cooked in a Vitamix but I did cook mine on the stove top because I had time to simmer it on the stove.  There is just something fun about simmering a sauce on a stove.  Stirring it and tasting it prior to using it.  But if you have a Vitamix feel free to cook it in the Vitatmix.  In fact the sauce recipe is based on one I found on their website.  https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Easy-Tomato-Sauce/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

One of the greatest part of this recipe is that the sauce makes a lot more than is needed so we got two meals out of the sauce!!  SCORE!!

Hope you enjoy my little taste of Finland, despite the fact that I have never been there yet.
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Gluten Free Product Review – Agua Star Crispy Breaded Alaskan Cod Fillets

Gluten Free Product Review - Agua Star Crispy Breaded Alaskan Cod Fillets

Gluten Free Product Review – Agua Star Crispy Breaded Alaskan Cod Fillets

I just  adore eating fish… I can not think of any way that I do not like off the top of my head.  Personally, I could eat it several times a week.  However, Handsome Hubby does not share my fondness towards fish.  In fact, breaded is his favorite way to eat it, although I can occasionally get him to eat some mild white fish like Tilapia… occasionally!!

Gluten Free Product Review - Agua Star Crispy Breaded Alaskan Cod Fillets

Gluten Free Product Review – Agua Star Crispy Breaded Alaskan Cod Fillets

When I saw this product I was ready to eat it immediately.  It is not as easy to find gluten free breaded fish as it is to find its gluten filled counterparts.  I was giddy with excitement during that Walmart shopping excursion.  However, not surprisingly Handsome Hubby was not as filled with anticipation, in fact, he was kind of wanting to put it off till he HAD TO.

Well, last night was the night.. we had a feast ofAqua Star’s Crispy Breaded Alaskan Cod Fillets, coleslaw and fries.

Baking instructions were easy and straight forward.  They were nicely breaded right out of the box and the baked up just wonderfully.  As for the taste… WOW!! YUMMY stuff here!!  The breading was crispy and the fish was flakey.  I knew in one bite I would want to buy this product again.  Surprisingly Handsome Hubby said it was good too.

Ready for the shocking part…

He went back for seconds!!  Yes that’s right… Seconds!!  Now you know you have a good product if he goes back for seconds when it comes to anything involving fish!!

I did a little happy dance around my kitchen as I cleaned up the dishes.  I will most definitely be buying this product again….

One negative about this product… their website.. not only did their Facebook link not work but I could find no details of their gluten free products.  I have posted the link to their contact page and encourage you to contact them if you have any questions about their gluten free products or processing.

Agua Star Website:   http://www.aquastar.com/home
Agua Star Contact info:   http://www.aquastar.com/contact

This product is a good recipe for people with Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, Gluten intolerance or on a gluten free diet because none of the ingredients contain gluten.  Box is marked as “Gluten Free’

I was NOT provided with product or financial support for this product review.  The opinions stated here are simply my own.

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